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The Lord is opening some new doors for Truth Tellers Liveā€¦.

First Event About Lily

As the wind blew, the Holy Spirit moved in our midst as we worshipped Jesus on the patio of Roadrunner Coffee Shop.  It was our first organic outreach and as a result we are setting up our monthly story telling meetings.  We will keep you posted on times and dates.  So grateful for those who stopped by and to Barry Collins for opening his doors to us.   Debbie, from Scriptures in Use, was able to introduce our visitors to the ministry responsible for the idea of Truth Tellers Live.  We look forward to all the Lord has in store as we follow His lead to bring believers together to share their faith. 

 lillyLily Dolan is host for a monthly organic outreach called Truth Tellers Live.  She comes from a radio background but likes to interact live in casual settings.  Her goal is to help Christians learn how to share their faith in a simple way in this complex world.  Through local coffee shop meetings with live music and conversation and using story telling methods developed by Scriptures in Use believers can work together to spread the Good News.

Lily is a disciple of Jesus Christ.  She has five adult children and nine grandchildren.  As a lyricist and percussionist she loves to worship with her friend, Celia a vocalist/guitarist.  She is also the author of Fire in the Bible 1 & 2, a word study focused on the Biblical, historical and geographical context of over 150 fire verses.   She enjoys cooking organic food and competing in triathlons.   Family gatherings, gardening, sewing and photography are some of her favorites things to do.

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